About Us

The complex started its activity in 1385 in the form of assembly of LED lights starting in 1388
The company’s patented “electronic equipment and light Media” officially entered the field of production.
The company’s activity, including the concept, design, prototyping and finally mass-produced goods.
The company’s efforts to date information professionals as well as advanced machinery to produce
LED lights have been in accordance with the standards of the world.
The company’s products over 50 models of LED street lights, office, overhead, projector,
Wall Washer, funeral Lights, LED Neon Flex is a variety of decorative and lighting in the areas of dynamic, static and ambient light is used to supply
Introducing the single most important part of the company:
Research and development (R & D): this unit as a think tank of the media, the context of science and technology used in the company’s leadership and with the methods of industrial and manufacturing in the fields of electricity, electronics, metals, fields necessary in order to use various methods of production to keep pace with industry provides advanced industrial countries.
Engineering Design: efficient use of young designers alongside experienced professionals of the relevant engineering design and development software, offering varied and efficient lighting products to provide high quality for our customers.
Quality Assurance Unit:Quality is not an accident!” Obtaining international certifications ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 ISO10002 continuous monitoring of the quality of raw materials and parts, production procedures to date, the company has established domestic media as a brand.
After-sales service: “continuous right Jupiter” senior management handling customer complaints placed a priority for the quality management process is supervised directly into a routine.
The customers are our teachers. With an emphasis on the enterprise policy is always trying to provide our customers more satisfied.
Production units:three parts, electronics, steel and extruded thermoplastic and form the main bone of organization of production. In the electronics sector, design and manufacture of printed circuits, manufacture and assembly of their respective boards by machinery specially equipped with advanced controls carried out. In the metal sector, automatic and semi-automatic machines, machining, cold forming machines and a variety of cutting the main task of producing metal parts and bodies are responsible. Extruded thermoplastic tapes in connection with the production of optical LED (Neon Flex), for the first time in the country by now been launched and is currently the only manufacturer of this product is lighting